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  1. I have another issue: I can't copy a tagged file to an USB stick (as intented). But I can drag the secure file into a .zip (default made by Windows 10, no 3rd party software). There is nothing changed in the settings in the meantime. Here a short video: https://youtu.be/ZWkFjDGjuOo (works now)
  2. Hi JanL, I just did some testing again and now it is working. I am 100% sure that it didn't work before. I have a feeling that it is related to the time till a policy / setting has been implemented. Can that be the case?
  3. Hi JanL, Thanks for the response. I am pretty sure that is the case. Since it is quite complicated to setup. The integration mode is set to compatible:
  4. Dear forum members. We are currently testing ESET Safetica ( with a trail version. Our main purpose with Safetica is to prevent a data leak against a possible malicious employee. I have successfully set up: - a data category with a path rule (tagging mode) to a test folder. - a DATA security policy. Everything is working as intended, I can only copy files to the network and local storage. Here is our problem: I created a .zip file on the local storage and put a tagged file from the test folder into the zip file. Now I can still copy the zip (with the tagged file in it) to an USB stick for example. It should be blocked. Does anyone have a solution to prevent this? Thanks in advance.
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