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  1. I got a hold of support, I thought this was the support forum.... they provided the info, but basically it was like I dotted above have to run this from root: (I wish this was available in their knowledge base it is so easy, just dont understand the lack of communication...) /Applications/ESET Endpoint Antivirus.app/Contents/Helpers/Uninstaller.app/Contents/Scripts/uninstall.sh
  2. For example, I found, a script that "should" start the removal process: /Applications/ESET Endpoint Antivirus.app/Contents/Helpers/Uninstaller.app/Contents/Scripts/uninstall.sh But when I execute the script internally I get a command not found error... So then I copied the contents of the script to an file, changed its permissions and it runs, but then breaks giving this other error: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Version 6.5.432.1 Uninstall Script This script will uninstall ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.5.432.1. Starting uninstallation procedure using './eset_av_uninstall.sh' Executing uninstaller tool 1... ERROR: uninstallation step 1 failed! Cannot execute tool '/Users/admin/Desktop/Scripts/../Helpers/ut1' I think its because its assuming that the files it needs to run are in the same folder... Anyways, the scripts are there, so why make a half baked attempt keep the product "secure" by not including a fully remote engaged script to remove the product?
  3. If the endpoint is managed by a higher authority this shouldnt be a problem. Because the process would be running in elevated form. The point is I havent found a way to remove the Endpoint AV remotely. Currently we have a problem with a test group we are experiencing some DNS issue and we can't target the mac's properly via ERA. So we wanted to remove the Endpoint AV remotely via a script or command option we can push to our deployment group, which is managed by our MDM. If the option is not available on ERA, is there a way to remove the Endpoint AV remotely by script? or do you have an Uninstall_ESET.app we can push or how? I would not want to go manually one by one, so I could remove the client. PS. I know how my post is looking suspicious to you, since this is my first post, and you have 11K but this is a genuine question. I can send you a PM with my company name and phone and we can discuss privately with you wish...
  4. Hi all I would like to know how can I massively remote-uninstall via script ESET Endpoint Antivirus. We are testing a process and we need to remove the antivirus from a large number of macOS endpoints so we can re-install again. I have been looking for ways to accomplish this, but I have only found the script to remove ESET Remote Administrator Agent, but I havent been able find out the correct way to stop the Antivirus service and remove the app... Any ideas?
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