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  1. Well thanks for all the assistance. All issues resolved at the moment!!!
  2. Well - All is good. Firewall guy didn't have the Load Balance IP provision within the Firewall correctly. Once he fixed that - Activation occurred, then Updates went on their marry way. However, a few questions: 1. Each box will still access the internet to verify license (True/False) 2. If above is True, then I assume that the RA is just a mechanism to push & monitor, it actually doesn't verify...
  3. Client = ESET File Security v6.5.12014.1 RA = ESET Remote Administrator (Server) v6.5.522.0 But I'm unable to Activate the License as well, does it not use RA for this or does it have to get to Internet. I installed from a All-In-One package built in the RA which included a valid license....
  4. I have two (2) boxes in our DMZ, the correct Port is open and Firewall guys can see traffic over this port. These two (2) boxes are not getting Signature Updates nor Module Updates. These boxes are using Windows Network Load Balancing; and in the ESET RA; they both appear; however, the both appear with the NLB vIP, not there individual IP's. I'm wondering is this the problem. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling to ensure clean; and all that went well, Agent gets installed and can communicate with ESET RA, but again, no updates... Any Help appreciated....
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