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  1. Bump. Still seeing thousands of these messages daily. Does anyone from ESET read these posts? I figured that the issue may affect many users without them knowing, therefore posted here. But I can raise a support ticket instead, please advise.
  2. There are thousands of "Event occurred during an attempt to access the file." entries being generated in the mac system log, at times churning out a rate of 5-10 entries per second. Examples: Apr 1 15:14:36 MyHost esets[282]: summ[011a0200]: ESET Daemon: vdb=36899, agent=fac, name="/private/var/folders/t5/ylp0l1_j1mv3rt47b085q_zm0000gn/T/com.apple.mail/TemporaryItems/(A Document Being Saved By Mail)/Info.plist", virus="", action="", info="Event occurred on a newly created file.", avstatus="not scanned" Apr 1 15:14:36 MyHost esets[282]: summ[011a0800]: ESET Daemon: vdb=36899, agent=
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