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  1. I just want ask set up security for my network for the my network be more secure
  2. Yes must you want say I must buy more a router to connection to device Huawei E3531 I want ask you: Settings the profile management yes should to network static ?
  3. I no using a public Wi-Fi hotspot connection. I use personal Wi-Fi I buy one piece the sim card Vietnamobile fitting into USB 3G Huawei to connect the internet Device USB 3G Huawei E3531 be emulator as a router to network connection hxxp://dcom3g.com/usb-3g-huawei-e3531-216mbps-hilink.186c1.html
  4. Tôi phải làm như thế nào? Tôi sử dụng USB 3G Huawei E3531
  5. Please read: Network threat blocked https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/forum/protect_other-protect_scanning-windows_10/how-to-know-computer-yes-suffered-access-remotly/d22d559a-8d0e-4c9b-9e32-1744a2dac8cd day the next day eset again informed: Network threat blocked Few days later eset again continued to informed: I often use USB 3G Huawei the to up network yes must due the network of my has problem is malicious network?
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