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  1. Thanks for your help. I have only 1x ERA server and I don't want usiing master/replication option. My idea for Dev team is to doing : - Full access web for externel people to monitor their clients site to site. - possibility to link filtering clients to users. I realyy think that's GUI version must be improved to WEB aaplication. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok thanks Aryeh for your reply, Is there a way in this case to contact ESET dev team, or a kind of "suggestion boxes" ? thanks in advance.
  3. hello, no information ? Thanks !
  4. Dear all, I'm user of Eset RA and I have several plant in europe. All clients are managed inside my master site but some IT partners in place on others sites must access to local client information. With actual RA vision, It's very limited : just simple user in read or full access and not possible to link by type of domain or machine. So my local IT partners can see all machines.... Also dashboard are not usefull for my local partners so I must keep on local server for each site, just a console to access to remote server in master site but It's ong to refresh PC and so on... My question : do you know if a full web console are in dev in ESET to replace actual GUI console ? With a way to create user and force domain assignation too ? Thanks in advance. Thomas.
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