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  1. I do not have an exact screenshot of it but it said something like this: "A computer (IP) on the network is sending malicious traffic, it might be an attempt to attack you". Checking the IP addresses on hxxp://www.whatsmyip.org/ip-geo-location/ will take the map to the ocean of north-west Africa.
  2. By the way, there is one very odd thing. I was fast enough to write down 4 IP's I was told attacking me and two of them are almost identical, xxx.xx.xxx.xx4 and xxx.xx.xxx.xx1.
  3. I live alone so I decided I will need no router, so I do not have it. It is only 1 "internet wire" plugged to my computer, so it must be attacks from outside, not other devices connected to my network.
  4. Hello, I have been warned by ESET that I have been TCP-attacked multiple times in a minute. I was given IP's that have been abusing me and wrote them down on a .txt file just in case I will need them. Not sure if that is related but my network connection has been going wild just an hour before TCP attacks started. Any suggestions what should I do? Anything I can do with the IP's I wrote down to stop TCP attacks?
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