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  1. pls show me with images how i can add Antispam server listed domain names and ip addresses in ESET.
  2. sir, i want to install eset smart security 9 v. pls tell me how to uninstall eset internet security version. pls help to resolve this issue.
  3. when i am installing eset , this error getting Incompatible product installed.
  4. Sir, As per your telling i did that settings. after that also again error is coming. for your reference pls check my screenshot images. kindly reply about this issue.
  5. Sir, in my system already DNS server address added.u told me to change DNS server address as shown in above screen shot. but in my system DNS servers address is not editing.
  6. yes we are using DNS server, and firewall. i already added DNS server address in trusted zone.
  7. hi, for the above mention problem is coming continuously by different dates. some times this error antispam is fully functional is successful. and again after few days same error coming. i am using Eset smart security 9 version. before you said You need to allow requests to your local DNS server (TCP/UDP port 53). please tell me how to allow requests to my local DNS server (TCP/UDP port 53) settings.
  8. hi, I am getting this error repeatedly. but I don't know what is the problem exactly. so please help me regarding this issue. During execution of Kernel on the computer. the following event occurred: Cannot establish connection to antispam cloud, antispam is not fully functional.
  9. hi, I am using E set smart security 9 version. I am running this version very happily. and I want only E set 9 update only virus signature database. so I don't want to update latest E set product version. but its updating automatically next product version. so please help me regarding this issue. how to stop E set 9 product version updating, update only virus signature database.
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