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  1. Hi everyone, I can not set update proxy for ESET Server Security for my Linux server because I dont use Proxy User/Password. I tried set user/passwd in Apache HTTP Proxy then setting again: I checked logs in Apache HTTP Proxy: C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\logs\error.log I dont know how to fix it? Can you help me? Thank you very much. Regards, Dzung Tran
  2. Hi MichalJ, Thank you but when I use ESET Uninstallers in here, It announces that No application found.
  3. Hi everyone, I have some computer that installed eset remote administrator agent and eset endpoint security but now it can not connect to the Eset remote administrator so I can not create client task to remove it. Is there any tool to remove them? Thank you very much. Best Regards, Dzung Tran
  4. I will contact to ESET to get this .lic file. Thank you very much. Regards, Dzung Tran
  5. Hi everyone, I have a problem when I import exported offline license from ELA: When I tried to export new license, that error still occurs. How can I fix it? Thank you very much. Best Regards, Dzung Tran
  6. Sorry I can not see "History" Can you talk me where is that option ?
  7. This is detail, But I still do not see what the error is?
  8. Hi everyone, Our company have about 500 computers are using Eset Endpoint Protection ver 6.6.2068, now I want to upgrade they to 6.6.2072.2 but when i tried with client task install new software (Eset Endpoint Protection vẻ 6.6.2072.2) but it failed. Because we have too many PC and Server need be upgraded, How can I do it? Thank you very much!
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