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  1. @MarcosI have gone through some documents and found that the new malware Silver Sparrow infecting Mac systems using the latest Apple M1 chip across the world. It is a macOS adware recompiled to infect systems running the Apple M1 chip. After reading more I came to know that this malware has two versions: 1. One variant of Silver Sparrow is designed for Intel x86_64 system architecture, 2. The other for both the previously mentioned architecture, as well as M1 ARM64. I am already using ESET Endpoint security. Do I need to bother?
  2. Hi, How can we quickly run a report to see if any of our Macs are infected or vulnerable by Silver Sparrow? Thanks
  3. Hi all, Does ESET check for Java, Javascript, and/or ActiveX malware?
  4. Hi All what to do in this case .. (1) When i search for IP Address it showing ESET Endpoint Security installed two times at the same system. For one its showing no error and for the another one its showing product is installed but it is not running. and when i try to run ESET on client System it prompt this window.... (2) While adding new user getting this window but when i search for this system through their IP showing no result (3) What to do when showing operating system is not up to date to client side is there any meth
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