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  1. So what your saying is that ESET is no longer compatible with El Capitan?... Since what your saying was so unbelieveable I contacted ESET support and they found a way around this. Apparently they just removed the offending .DAT file from your servers and now its all good again.
  2. ESET Cyber Security 6.5.600.1 Installed as an update to the old version, when I restarted the computer I got a kernel panic on the esets_daemon. The only way I can use the computer at this point is to not have ESET installed. It is too late to call support now. I have attached the kernel panic screenshots taken with my phone. Here is what we tried 1. Remove ESET, computer works like a charm 2. Reinstall ESET from fresh download, computer freezes 3. Remove ESET, computer starts working again 4. Run ESET Uninstall, Reinstall ESET, ESET asks for license again whic
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