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  1. I solved by a reboot, there was a problem with the binding many tnx
  2. Hi all, I have issue for mapping domain security group, i need to add users from IT group (Active Directory Group) to be able to log into ERA Console. ERA has already been joined to the AD domain and works well. I got an error when i browse group SID on New mapped domain security group - Basic any idea? Br
  3. Hi all, I installed Endpoint AV v6.6 on PC running Win 7 Pro 64bit since when I have found that Windows Photo Viewer unable to rotate image on random files with error "Windows Photo Viewer can't save this picture because an unknown error occured" but that it will sometimes behave normally for 2, 3 or 4 images... Temporarily disabling protection results that rotate working well on all image. many thanks in advance for your tips....
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