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  1. thank you marcos, i found a simillar post in which the recommandation was to run windows update, did that and now it installed fine.
  2. Hi everyone, I am having trouble installing eset endpoint antivirus on windows 7 machines, i get this message: i ran the uninstaller from safe-mode, i also ran the specialize cleaner but no use. This happens on both 7.3 and 7.2 versions, please help
  3. I have a laptop that the ERA console says it's unmanaged. If I search that laptop by IP in the ERA console it finds another computer, not the original one. And it reports that is managed, not unmanaged. And also the user reported to be logged on the managed laptop actually uses the unmanaged laptop.
  4. @MichalJ So i found 3 laptops that were reported as unmanaged but had agent and antivirus installed, i deployed the entire package(agent+antivirus)with the remote deplyment tool, on 2 of them the agent was updated and they communicated with the server and on one only the antivirus was updated and no communication. If i try using the webconsole the rate of success for any operation is very low, the install tasks mostly don't work, the activation task hasn't worked in 8 months, 0% succes with the stop managing task.
  5. we are syncing with AD, if i run a static group sync, they show up but i get a lot of false positives, computers that ERA reports are umanaged but in fact they have agent and antivirus installed, i am curently testing on my own pc, uninstalled agent and antivirus and ERA still reports that i have the agent installed.
  6. ok, but isn't there a way to detect the computers with missing agent? we use active directory.
  7. Hi everyone, is there a way to view computers that don't have the antivirus installed? i did this, but the list is empty, i know for a fact that we have computers without antivirus installed.
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