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  1. Hi Marcos & Shocked Thank you for your reply and the work around. Regards, -Rich
  2. Hi, Do you mean that I download the V.15 from your website and just install (haven't try it yet) on top of V.14? -Rich
  3. My ESET Internet Security won't upgraded to newer product version despite that I :- Press Accept (EULA) and update button and, Press update product now button. It did not update Use Check for updates (force method) Nothing happen It there something I missed? Appreciate some help. -Rich Windows 10 Home V. 21H2 ESET Internet Security
  4. Sorry Marcos, I am still using V10.1.235.0 it was fine up until last week the icon was gone, BTW I use that icon to get early notice of Microsoft updates, its nice to get this so I can manually install updates instead of letting the system do a "high CPU utilization" search. I am still waiting for ESET "push update" for V11 and see how that goes. (please see my reply post to TomFace") Thanks for the info Marcos. -Rich
  5. Thanks for the info, The first method only re-create the icon back to system tray temporarily, it is gone when re-start the system. I tried the second method but for some reason my system (Vista) would not allow me to create "short cut" in that folder (I right click the mouse in the startup folder, no short-cut option). I did not try uninstall/re-install route as I have bad experience with ESET new roll-out; last time I ventured to install a new roll-out version from 9x to 10x before the "push update", same issue (missing icon) happened, I have to search and found a older version to reinstall back..... Once again thanks for the help TomeFace! -Rich
  6. Hello I need some help to fix the missing icon from system tray. I have followed the steps posted in ESET Support site regarding this problem ie: "Command Prompt", "Adding shortcut in Start folder"(won't allowed, only add folder", etc. Since early Nov that I updated the Version to 10.1 via product update, the icon is missing, even though it is not a major issue but definitely its convenient to have it in the system tray. Any help would be appreciated. -Richard
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