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  1. HI All, the freezing still occurs on 4.5.9, Issue is definately in the smtp module... I too lost many many hours tracking the causes and lost client patience as mails held in queue. I even rebuild a new postfix server, added esets and nothing custom on the server and still the SMTP randomly freezes. it does appear to be related to workload. Perhaps thread count in cfg needs to be higher but I have 3 SMTP MX weighted 10, 20, and 30 and the MX10 weight will freeze at random within 48hours, , the other two, hardly ever. My fix is to create a restart script and using application "Monit" detect the smtp listing port for function, if not, execute restart script of esets service. works perfectly for me and saves man hours waiting for freezes and responding to it. ## Script Start ## #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/killall -9 esets_wwwi /usr/bin/killall -9 esets_smtp /usr/bin/killall -9 esets_daemon /etc/init.d/esets start ## Script End ## ## Monit Start esets_av.cfg (do your own homework here to setup monit) ## check process esets with pidfile /var/run/esets_daemon.pid start program = "/bin/bash -c '/etc/init.d/esets start'" stop program = "/bin/bash -c '/etc/init.d/esets stop'" restart program = "/bin/bash -c '/my_script_dir/service_esets_reset.sh'" check host esets_scanner with address if failed port 2526 protocol smtp within 2 cycles then restart ### Monit Start esets_av.cfg ## Note, in the monit email relay setup, I used the master.cf smtp listening port where esets sends the data back to postfix for final delivery (eg mine is 12525) so even if the sets smtp inspection freezes, the smtp alerts from monit still get delivered as it skips the filter inspection in main.cf. mail into postfix 25 > esets filter 2526 (localhost) > postfix 12525 (localhost) + various non looping -o ignore options > end user smtp/mailbox
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