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  1. My eSet says it is not optimized. I go to antitheft and am told I need to enter a password to access this feature. My password does not work. I use your code above, verifying it is correct, and click Enter. I do not see Unlock. The program tells me this is an incorrect password and I am right back where I started. Can you help?
  2. Actually, this did not help. I don't need help unlocking my device, it is not locked. The link to walk through Optimize your device... generates a 404. Any help out there?
  3. I have a message on my eSet mobile app: Your device is not fully optimized for anti-theft. The app wants a password. It does not recognize the password I use to sign in. I contacted eSet and got an unlock code which I am told to insert into the password field and click unlock. This does not work. The password is not recognized. Can anyone help?
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