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  1. So, the test agent is now looking at the right server but keeps giving me this error: NetworkModule [Thread 664]: Protocol failure for session id 2330, error:Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Incorrect/unknown certificate or key format. I even created an ERA Agent policy on the new server and added the new certificate
  2. Hi MichaelJ, I've run it several times on one workstation and the console says successful, but if the check the trace log on the client workstation, it shows it's failing to connect to the older server. Derrick
  3. Hello, Our ERA server died last week and we have no backup or copies of our certificates. I setup and configured a new ERA server and proceeded to deploy agents to all my existing workstations in hopes that this would redirect their local ERA agent to the new server. While the deployment says it was successful in the console, checking the trace log on the client shows the client is still trying to connect to the old server address. I also attempted the Live Agent Installer which also completed successfully but ended with the same results. The only solution that did work was to use the ESET Uninstaller and then pushing the agent. Is there an easier way to do this? I have over 200 computers/servers I need to direct to the new server and need an easier method. Thanks in advance, Derrick
  4. The strangest issue has recently occurred within ERA. A lot of my devices suddenly show as unmanaged but were managed as of yesterday. I physically went and checked one of the devices and noticed that device was powered off. Once I turned the device back on, it's status went back to managed. A lot of the other devices are currently offsite so I'm guessing that if the device cannot be contacted, ERA marks the device as unmanaged. The weird thing is that this has never been a probably until today. Is there a setting that may have gotten turned on that does this?
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