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  1. HI Michalj, my issue is EEA activate key has blocked in ESET File Secuirty. When the ESET file security and ESET Remote Administrator service on my ESET Server running, all EEA on client machine can not activate the key license but when i disable the EFS and ERA service on my EET Server, all EEA on client machine can activate the key lices, thus i think the key license has blocked with EFS and ERA. that is my real issue?
  2. Hi Support, Can you help me about my issue with ESET Endpoint Antivirus Activate Licens has block with eset file security in my eset server? After i upgrade from eset v5.x to eset v6.x platform. i get a lot of issue. now i will demo you about one issue. before i upgrade from eset v5.x to eset v6.x any activate key lices from ESET Remote Administrator Console to ESET Endpoint Antivirus is work very well but after i upgrade from eset v5.x to v6.x all ESET Endpoint Antivirus activate licesen key is not work. and i try find the solution about this issue after I stope ESET Service & ESET Remote Administrator Agent service running as temporary on ESET Server, and then i try to manual to activate via ESET Remote Administrator Console. the activate license key is done. I think the activate license file was block by ESER File Security on ESET Server. I already try to find the solution and try to exclude all ESET files on C: drive in real protect but still not work. what is about my real issue? why the EEA activate licesen file was block with eset file security? Can you advice me about the solution?
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