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  1. Licence activation problem

    Hi, I opened a ticket at ESET France Support for the deactivation problem. I'll let you know if we find something. For the second point I think you're right. Our customer use a master to prepare the laptops. I'll ask them which tool they use to install their laptops and the hardware specifications. And wewill try your suggestion to deactivate from ELA and reactivate it back.
  2. Licence activation problem

    in the case of a computer on the local network the ERA activation task is configured and work properly. But in the other case. A user only working at home for example, the ERA server is able to receive connection on port 2222 so the computer to connects to ERA. But when the ERA activation task is played, connections from the ERA server to ERA agent doesn't establish because ports 139 and 445 may be closed by the user Internet Box. My main problem isn't ERA remote activation but the used licence not showing in ELA and the computers who lost their licence (I've got one computer more who lost his licence today). Our ESET versions : ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.4.2014.2 ESET Remote Administrator Agent Thank you for your help
  3. Licence activation problem

    Hi, Please find below the information you asked : 1 . All computers are connecter to ERA, but most of them are on a remote sites, so the ERA server isn't able to send activation orders to those computers. By the way, they are reporting regularly to our ERA server because he's published on the internet. 2 . Most of the computers have been activated by entering the key manually 3 . This parameter is disabled 4 . Most of them have a status OK and are reporting regularly to ELA. I'll send you the PLID via PM in a few minutes. OK If you don't find a solution I'll ask ESET Customer Care via a support ticket. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I'm getting an issue with ESET licence and I don't know how to solve this issue. I've got about 200 computers on a ERA console and on most of them the licence has been entered manually during the installation of ESET product. For some reason, activated computer lost their licence and are seen on the console has unlicenced. I noticed that on my ESET Licence Administrator console, I've got only 67 of my 200 computers showing up. Some of my computers looks OK and are registered with the right key but don't show up on ELA console. Can you help me with this issue because the number of computer who "lost" their licence is growing day by days. And I can't reactivate them with ERA because they are not on my local network. Thank you. Best Regards. Yoann.