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  1. Hi, I accepted an update notification from Nod32 on both my computers. The Win10 Pro-x64 version seems to have gone ok, but the update to Win7 Pro-x64 broke Windows. I had to perform a System Restore to the restore point associated with the Nod32 update. I'm curious if anyone has had this issue because I had the same problem on a recent Windows update a few weeks ago. I had installed a few updates and the system got into the same state after a reboot: No network coinnectivity and multiple "Server execution failed" messages in explorer.exe. I went back to an earlier restore point there - but it was hard to identify exactly which windows update broke it as I'd installed a few at the same time. This time around it failed right after the Nod32 10.1.219 update (from 10.0.390) - so it was clear that I needed to go back. Rolling back to 10.0.390 seemed to resolve it. Anyone encountered the same problem? Cheers
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