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  1. What about using esets_daemon? 1. Is it possible to request a file to be scanned by eset_daemon? 2. The files that I scan will be contained within a directory, granted it could be in sub directories, so is it possible for esets_daemon to monitor that directory for read/writes and my application query the daemon for results? Does this sound possible?
  2. Is there a way to do on-demand scanning without suffering the initializations delays from esets_scan? More Detail: I am using eset file security to scan files as needed, so I am using esets_scan. The issue I am having is that the initialization of esets_scan adds about 3 seconds to each scan. Sample output of scan on a file: >> date; /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan --clean-mode=none mySmallFile.txt; date Fri Jul 7 19:40:40 UTC 2017 ESET Command-line scanner, version 4.5.6, (C) 1992-2016 ESET, spol. s r.o. Using license: ************* (/etc/opt/eset
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