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  1. Hi, Restarting EES 6.5 was caused by firewall rules. Interestingly, EES 6.4 worked well on that firewall rules. I have policy base mode, and unblock specific ports and hosts the rest is blocked. Communication with ERA server was unblock, also DNS, HTTP and HTTPS was unblocked for all hosts. What other ports are required for EES 6.5 to work properly? When I applied the ALL in ALL out policy, EES 6.5 started normally and worked fine.
  2. i don't have any dumps there :-(. i've checked locaion on two different station Windows 7 Prof 64bit and Windows 10 Prof 64bit
  3. Hi, i've check problem is with ekrn.exe. in event logs are only: ESET Service suddenly stop. restart application <EventID Qualifiers="49152">7031</EventID> ekrn.exe start again and so on....
  4. Hi, I have problem after upgrade from EES 6.4 to EES 6.5 Once the EES 6.5 gui is initialized, it starts to restart. The application is constantly restarting, the station has no communication with both the ERA server and the whole world. Modules in EES are inactive( firewall HIPS itd..), rebooting does not help, uninstalling and re-installing by hand does not help. EEA 6.5 works OK. I followed the instructons: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5949/?viewlocale=en_US Regards, Krzysiek
  5. Hey, I am also under pressure. Can I link to ftp? Are you planning to release a fix for EES 6.4?
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