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  1. I had already tried "%programfiles%\windows defender\mpcmdrun.exe" -signatureupdate -http in the past but Nod still reported that the KB is required. Both printers have the latest drivers from the respective manufacturers. Device manager says "Best drivers for your device are already installed" Nod32 has been great a spotting other device drivers such as Intel chipset and motherboard resources that have updates available from Microsoft. I would not want to turn off it's notifications for MS updates. I have Nod on a few PCs. They all show the same symptoms.
  2. The Nod32 on my PC's always says there are important updates. KB2267602 is marked as important. I have run Windows Update and checked for latest definitions within Windows 10 Security Centre Driver updates for my Epson XP200 and Canon MX870 are shown as recommended. I have the latest drivers installed. I can make the message go away temporarily by running Windows Update from the button in Nod32 but the alert will come back on the Nod32 taskbar icon after a while. Anyone know of a solution? I don't like ignoring the alert status on Nod32 as one day it could be important. W10 x64 Creators Edition 1703 Build 15063.413 Nod32
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