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  1. Yes, it opens way to long and it must be Eset, because when I stop the firewall everything goes normal Yes it has to connect to their servers and it takes way too long (time-out screen appears) I didn't try disengaging protocol filtering yet, I just stopped the firewall
  2. I just installed Eset Internet Security this week (latest version downloaded from Eset). When I start chrome it takes ages for Eset to verify. The same applies to Dashlane and my VPN. I have a solid state HD and fiber into the home and fast pc. The difference before and after installing EIS is stunning and not acceptable. I added them to exceptions, but the difference now I get at least a connection with my VPN (no connection at all before I added it to exceptions), albeit very slowly. Mots of the times Chrome says with Dashlane 'Time out'. So what to do? I can go back to another safety solution, but paid top dollar for this one.
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