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  1. Ok thanks for clarification. We can close this topic.
  2. But it will not mess up my in this case Outlook clients?
  3. I'm not able to create log, i get this information status I don't exactly know, while I have created rules to auto activation, and adding custom policy after installation.
  4. Hello, I was trying to find some info about it first on forum but without success, if this topic is already resolved in other posts please past me the link and I'll check it. Anyways, from some time, I'm facing the problem with antispam protection is non-functional. After remote update from any EEA to EES from version 6.5.x till newest 7.2.2055.0, or manual reinstallation or whatever installation of EES, I was trying already clean re-installation etc. nothing helps. While we don't use integration EES with our mailbox software, it's not big deal from functional perspective but
  5. In newest version this problem is resolved? Currently I'm using 7.0.577.0.
  6. Hi, from some time I can see that on some hosts with issues, for example this one which was updated from EEA 6.5.x to EES 7.2.x I don't see problem details as I should. There is no filters or columns changes, it's default look. But in there report related with this host I can see marked issues. Anybody know why it looks like this? Thanks, Tom
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