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  1. Example: There are several people working in each of our offices. Two of them must have Internet access, two do not have, one has access to a particular site, and so on. The aim is each office to have a main Static Group and its subgroups ie. proper structuring of all offices. In this way I will manage / control them much easier. And when we have a new colleague, the appointment of all policies will be very easy. Just add that user to the relevant Static Group. The concept of ERA V6 is clear to me, but it's will be good idea to add this options. This will provide additional flexibility / functionality for policy management. For example, I can give permissions to folders in Windows OS. Right there, this option for the elimination of inherit policies is there. Yes, you are right. I can create an additional policy that overwrites others, but all of this would lead to the creation of many additional policies (which I consider superfluous). After all, how much more politics do you have so hard to manage ... I'm sorry for my bad English, but I guess you understand me
  2. I have a Static Group (named Group1) to which I have attached/added a policy (named Policies1). I have created another Static group (named Group2) in Group1. I want added computers to Group2 not to inherit Policies1. Is it possible to do this?
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