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  1. Installed Remote Administrator Agent and File Security for Windows (32-bit) on a 2008 server. Install ran OK, was able to install license, authorize product; it checks in with the ESET server. But when it tries to update the virus signature database, it errors out, saying "unauthorized access." User is listed at NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM. I have 14 of these same servers, identical to one another, and for some reason, three of them behave this way. I checked file permissions on ESET dirs and they were the same, working server to non-working server. Any idea where this problem comes from?
  2. Have four Exchange 2010 servers, running on Windows 2008R2. Three installs went fine; number 4 is weird. There are no transport agents installed (EMS, "get-transportagent" doesn't show "ESET Filtering Agent" or "ESET Filtering AV Agent." This server is a hub transport/client access/Mailbox server; of the other three in our org, one is similarly configured, and the transport agents are there. How do we add these? In other AV/AS solutions, we've been given better troubleshooting info; ESET support online just gives a set of instructions on how to install (which we followed), not anyth
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