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  1. The reason why the error has been generated is because there is already an existing value of 398-1048568 for the column ID in which you define it as PRIMARY KEY (values are unique) in the table you are inserting. Do you have any Problems with ERA? If not, just ignore it? If u want to solve the issue, Open the Database, check the Entry and maybe delete it. !!!BUT! Please Care, if u delete the wrong Entry, ERA will not work anymore!!!!
  2. Hello Ford, the connection between your Client and the Target Homepage is SSL encrypted. But if u use Public WLANS, ur Traffic could be manipulated. Before the Signal reaches the Internet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-in-the-middle_attack So the Attacker just can replace ur SSL Certificate and redirect your Traffic. Are you Safe with ESET? The Phishing Filter will help you a lot. If the Router gets replaced by a MITM Router your Client will " Auto reconnect" and ESET will warn you about this. But, if you connect to every Random WIFI there is a possibility your Traffic gets manipulated. So always proof to which WIFI u try to connect
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