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  1. i tried ESET's solution but didn't work ... i am trying the Webroot anywhere secure for now since i see the problem will not be solved
  2. hi i tried the uninstaller and it worked .. i installed ESET Smart Security 6 again , but here is what happened that made me shocked .. when i installed the software again everything worked fine and everything.. so i shutdown the laptop normally. i woke up this morning and saw that ESET Smart Security 6 was deleted from my system!!! How is that even possible? Regards
  3. hi i have been using Eset 6 Smart Security since like 4 months with no issues however in the last week when i turn on on laptop , i don't see the program popping up on start up and see that it is not running anymore ... i uninstalled the program from control panel . yet i still see ESET folder in my computer ... so i tried to delete it manually but it didn't work..(said it needed SYSTEM privileges access to delete it ) .. so i tried to open the program from my computer [knowing that i deleted the software from control panel] , and a pop up popped saying "error communicating with kernel"
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