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  1. Peter.s You are a star, thank you for your help in unlocking my phone, I cannot thank you enough, I know one thing you should get a promotion for this...You are a star...Thanks again. Slainte.
  2. Enter your email address in the field below to receive an email with your license information. The email should arrive within 1 hour of your request, please make sure to check your junk, spam and promotions folders for this email. If you already received this email and need additional information, are using a trial version, or have changed your email address since your purchase, please contact ESET Customer Care. The email fxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com is not found in our system. Please ensure you are using the email registered at the time of purchase and that it is typed correctly. Email Address Enter the email you originally used to purchase or activate your ESET product. I downloaded and installed Trial version of Eset Android Security...I received NO email from Eset or license... the above message says that my email address is not found on your system...But on my locked phone under 'Contact owner' it clearly gives my name as the owner and the email I used to INSTALL ESET and YET ... you say that my email IS NOT FOUND ON YOUR SYSTEM...my child's last photo's and video's are on my phone I need them back...WHY can you not do this explain? I have contacted Customer Care and gave them my email...nothing...
  4. When I tap 'the back' arrow on the 'Device is locked' screen and tap 'Contact owner' it clearly displays my name as the owner of this (property) phone... and my email address...why then can you NOT send me the unlock code to that email?
  5. The version of Eset on my Android is the trial version...and I received no email to my email account which I used to install Eset...is my email registered on you system or not???
  6. peter.s Thank you for your help...I sent the code from my locked phone to...play@eset.com...and I never received a reply??? What next?
  7. LOCKED OUT FOR 6 DAYS AND COUNTING.....hello hello hello...is there anyone here with the intelligence to solve this problem?
  8. Hello... Is there anyone there??? Just like your customer service I guess NOT. By the way the ONLY email I got from your company was the one from you to me, to validate the link to this site...how ironic in that I have to come here to try to get redress for an non-action nay an obligation to reset my password, which you have failed to do, just like you are failing on this forum to do by not helping me. What is the problem??? Can someone answer this question, which at least 'foneil' tried..Respect to her or him.
  9. I went to the anti- theft link you suggested typed in my email and got this...An email with instructions to reset your my.eset.com account has been sent to the email address you specified. AGAIN I went to my email and there is nothing from Eset anywhere in my account the same applies to your app on my locked out phone under Reset password...Code requested which when I tap 'states' THAT "ESET will send you an email with the verification code and instructions on how to reset your password". What is this ? Why are you not fulfilling this so called action so as to allow me to have access to what is rightfully mine, I do not remember signing up to this nightmare your software and company have been able to achieve. What is your problem??? Just give me the unlock code duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Look I am going to instruct my lawyers to take a case against your company, despite after numerous reasonable requests to you to unlock my phone you have failed to do so. So by refusing or merely just ignoring them your company is effectively holding my phone and the information contained on it illegally, and by doing so you have caused me, my family, friends, contacts untold stress, disruption, lose of earnings and unnecessary interference in our lives.
  11. I am sorry that I may have been a bit testy in my last post, but you need to know my predicament I have been locked out of my phone for nigh 6 days...how would you like it??? All I am requesting is an unlock code to be sent to the email address I used to install your software, what could be simpler than that, for I am the owner of that email address and ONLY me knows the password to that account. I am not computer literate but I have been told that these details are logged on your system, so what is the problem here, Please explain !!!! I just want access to my phone back.
  12. I have also contacted this... www.eset.com/int/support/contact/ But NO reply...look I just want my phone unlock by Eset sending me an unlock code to the email address that I used to install Eset on my mobile phone...and not more go here go there, try this try that etc etc...I am fed up with this...JUST EMAIL ME THE CODE...Thank you.
  13. Thank you for your prompt response 'foneil' much appreciated. I followed the link you posted and got this...You have entered an incorrect email/password combination
  14. I installed ESET Mobile Security on my Android Mobile phone did a few scans and all was well. Then on Good Friday 14th April it refused to accept my password. I sent a request from my locked phone for a 'Reset password' Code request via my email. This is now the 19th April and after NUMEROUS requests from my phone, online via Laptop to customer service I am STILL locked out because I never received ONE email. All over Easter I could hear messages coming through to my phone but I couldn't read or answer them, also I was unable to phone family, friends or colleagues over the Easter period and I am very angry about this. and on top of this I am unable to send photos and videos to my love ones STILL. Can someone please help!!!
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