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  1. Eventually, decided to ignore best advise and installed express 2014 on the DC. as well as SSMS 2018. Followed various guides and after about 4 hours the new db was updated. thanks for assistance. Martin
  2. sadly - after 3 days trying and having installed SSMS (2014) I don't know enough to get a successful connection. I now have 12 days before licence renewal so time is running out. Look like this update is going to need to total re-install across the estate - unless other suggestions are available? Martin
  3. yes, - however it also requires various installs (Management Studio and other requirements) , on the DC in order to export / import the DB - which I'm not keen to do as that would be more complications to process. Given this then is it better to do the fresh install ? Martin
  4. MartinK, - thanks for the suggestion. I haven't attempted to install 2014+ (yet). I'm also considering doing to totally fresh install on another server - appreciate this will mean losing the database etc and having to visit all the client PC to repoint the proxy setting. Guessing the upside is that the new DB would not be on a DC - and up to date - downside is having to visit PC's. ? unless theres any other possible solution?
  5. I found this out after discussing with Eset support, after the upgrade task - although it said successful, nothing changed. A resubmit was running for 23 hrs before I spoke to support who basically said … tough... https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/71/en-US/database_requirements.html
  6. Current set up is that I our SMC Centre v 7.0.577.0 runs on our DC, has happily done so for some time. The SQL Express version though is 2008R2 - SMC is the only SQL 'application' on the server. The latest update though requires SQL 2014 upward. Therefore it wont update. In order to export the database data to another upgraded instance requires various installs - which I'm not happy to do, (as its a DC) and Eset now suggest that SMC shouldn't run on a DC. Is my only option a fresh estate wide re-install ? unless anyone has any other suggestions. …..
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