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  1. It was a legit mail from Google. Account wasn't blocked, but it asked to verify my phone number and recovery email which I did.
  2. Hey! I need a little help as soon as possible. I got a message in my personal gmail account that a sign in attempt from Amsterdam was blocked. This message came a few hours after I logged into the account from my office. Does this mean my account has been compromised by something in my office system? I have already changed my mail passwords, but I am concerned if my office workstation is affected by spyware or trojan. A few weeks back, I have read articles like this: hxxp://nci.ca/what-can-you-do-to-protect-yourself-from-spyware-malware-and-ransomware/ about protection from such spyware and trojan attacks and I have been taking all sorts of precaution against such attacks. I don't know I still got attacked. Should I inform the company IT admin and ensure a detailed system check up?
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