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  1. License issue in ELA

    Thanks MichalJ, The Virtual Machines that this is affecting on my site haven't had the virtual adapter (Mac Address) changed. You are right, both 'Activation Date' and 'Activated by ERA' weren't checked. Just Status was. As it seems to only occur after the machines are restarted it just adds a step to check for after the windows updates. I look forward to the changes you're making.
  2. I noticed after upgrading to ESET ERA 6.4 (and now with 6.5) that checking Administration>Licenses my count is more than the installed copies. Checking in ELA I see that I will have duplicates, the duplicates named "computer_name.domain.local - n" where n is a value from 1 to (so far) 4. This is only applying to some virtual computers (not all VMs). Some are servers running on eSXi 5.5, others are Desktops running in Workstation 11. The phenomena only shows up after the computer reboots. The workaround is to deactivate the license on the ELA, run a Activate Product task on ERA and then rename the seat (removing the "-n" value. Having to use this workaround is pretty tedious and it's not consistent, other VMs can reboot and are fine, so far it's a Server 2008R2 OS and Windows 10 OS that are the culprits. What can I do to prevent this from occurring? Thanks