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  1. Before implementing this antivirus on my DC. I create an Virtual Env. to test it. I think the automatic exclusion is not good, because If I understand correctly how the exclusion work is: For example: The automatic exclusion add this rule: %systemroot%\Sysvol\Sysvol\*.inf This mean that all INF file in the current folder (not subfolder) are excluded. but what we need is all subfolder, not only the current folder. the rule should be: %systemroot%\Sysvol\Sysvol\*\*.inf the /* mean all subfolder I am wrong..? what I don't understand in the rule that is create by the automatic exclusion list (for DC)
  2. You are right, I was not take the time to check that before trying to implement these exclusion, they effectively leading to the same place. Thanks, also I receive an email from ESET support about the issue on using system variable in File Security for Microsoft® Windows® Server 4.5. You can see below, a small part of the email: We can now confirm that it is not possible to create an exclusion in format %windir%\*.* in server products (v4 branch), however it is possible to do that in Endpoint products (v5). A request to add this option in v5 of server products has been sent to development. PS: they mean V4
  3. If I not mistaken the ESET Automatic Exception List doesn't point at %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain but at %systemroot%\Sysvol\Sysvol
  4. Do you see a problem with this execption list: %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\*.adm %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\*.admx %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\*.adml %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\Registry.pol %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\*.aas %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\*.inf %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\Fdeploy.inf %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\Scripts.ini %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\*.ins %systemroot%\Sysvol\Domain\*\Oscfilter.ini I also try to replace the %SYSTEMROOT% by %WINDIR% its not working either. but when I replace the variable by c:\wiidows......its working. Can you test this on your side.
  5. I have ESET File Security for Microsoft® Windows® Server 4.5.12011 installed on server and I try with remote administration v5.0.511 to create policy with some file exclusion using OS environment variable. it seem that is not working, I have to use the absolute path. But automatic file exclusion use Environment variable and is working.
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