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  1. not as yet, Plex is working again now , had some issues with the restore, so i will image the server to another drive and use that to test it with
  2. HI , for the second time in the space of a month or so i have tried the update from 6.5 to 7.1 on server 2012 essentials R2 both times i blocks the connection to plex server , even when i add exceptions to the folder and the exe . this was not the case with 6.5 it worked fine, an uninstall and reinstall does not work either in both cases i need to restore from an earlier backup. Please advise Doug
  3. Right i have managed to sort it now by forcing it into update mode so i am all good now. I even took the head unit back out and rotated it to see if i could press a button that i could see just below the screen but that didnt help. It was fine before i installed endpoint on it, some part of the setup went wrong on my part . but it is all good now. It would be useful if the lock had a longer timer on it with an option to press to press a button to unlock it on the actual device as that would have saved me a whole bunch of hassle .
  4. I inadvertently installed endpoint business from the playstore on my brand new android car stereo, i do own and activated it but somehow i either installed the wrong version or set it up incorrectly and now it turns off my device right after it starts up. I have tried hitting the reset on the device but it does no good. I know the password i used to set it up but i cant use it as like i said it shuts down. Please help
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