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  1. Hey, I had tried to upgrade my virtual Appliance this morning (6.4 to 6.5) but I have an problem about the repository (in the Policy): • I can choose the 6.5.417.0 version but ONLY for Red Hat! And i am running an CentOS Appliance. (only en-US ?). Usualy I have a CentOS OS availaible. So, do I waiting to upgrade ? Or can I try ? (with a snap :-)) Thanks.
  2. Ho yes! It's working better after a reboot!! Perfec, I have add the iOS into MDM. The profile is installed. And MDM can communicate with the phone (after activation). It's normal if there is no application eset installed in the iOS ? (in Android application was installed)
  3. 2017-03-06 11:15:37 E [10] Uncaught exception: Net Exception, NodSsl returned an error 200. Peer [::ffff:MyPrivategateway]:39558, local [::ffff:ERAMDMPrivateI^P]:9980 I am using ERA Certificat Autority (provide in the Appliance)
  4. Succes! I create a new MDM certificate! one step by step ... :-) I add the certificte to my Policy, but doesn't work anymore. I have another problem: When I clic to accept the profil, safari turn in a loop ! and the trace.log add many lines !!! ideas ?
  5. I try to user the same password (ddb, webconsole) but doesn't work anymore! I can't add MDM certificate. i'm note sure to inderstand the troubleshooting hxxp://support.eset.com/kb6011/ As a reminder, I have one era server (into a network) an another era mdm server into another network (DMZ). All ports are open end NAT is ok. So, what hostname I need to add in the Policy? I have add the public IP (of my MDM server). It's ok ? If I change to era hostname doens't work (because it's private IP). Do you have any other ideas ? Thanks. Aladin.
  6. Ok thank you Oliver. I will test your recomandations. I am using ERA 6.4
  7. Hello, I have some trouble to add iOS phone with ERA MDM. I explain my problem: • I have add a ERA MDM Appliance (CentOS 6). This Appliance is in a DMZ and NAT is OK with private/public IP. It's working well with Android phone • I have follow the procedure about iOS (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5771/) > I have created APNs certificate and generate certificate on apple push web site. It's ok. > I have created a MDM Policy. It's ok (execpt https certificate!) When I try to install certificate on a iOS phone I have this error message: "Profile Installation Failed" I have already open a ticket to the support but they don't solved my problem.... I try to add a https certificate i can't! I have this message : ParsePkcs12: Could not verify password (invalid password or corrupted pkcs12 structure) I use the native CA wich is install in the Appliance. So I dont know the password. I tried root password. Doesn't work. I have also a error message in trace.log 2017-02-26 22:25:43 E [317] Uncaught exception: Net Exception, NodSsl returned an error 200. Peer [::ffff:privateGateway]:61603, local [::ffff:PrivateIP]:9981 I have also this message with Android phone (and it's work fine). I don't know if it's really a https certificte problem ? or something else ? Do you have any ideas ? Thanks ... Aladin.
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