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  1. kipuije, When I was initially trying to solve this problem I found that disabling HIPS in Comodo did not help in getting the ESET service to start in protected mode. The only way I could get it to load reliably was to either: 1) Take the protection off the ESET service or 2) Add the ESET service (ekrn.exe) and gui (egui.exe) into the exclude list in Comodo as I stated in a post before. I don't know why disabling HIPS in Comodo does not work but make sure you do either of the above and you should be good to go. My ESET came up after the updates yesterday fine. This is just my experience. BTW (in answer to itman's question ) I am under Windows 10 64bit Anniversary update.
  2. itman, I am curious as to what issues I should be looking for. I have run Comodo Firewall and ESET NOD32 side by side for years with no issues that I know of. This new problem only showed up because NOD32 changed it's service to be protected. All other things are the same. Comodo has had HIPS for several releases so that is not new. Please let me know what I need to look out for. Thanks in advanced.
  3. That is the reason I only added ekrn.exe and egui.exe to the exclude list. I did NOT untick the whole Detect shellcode injections.
  4. That is the reason I only added ekrn.exe and egui.exe to the exclude list. I did NOT untick the whole Detect shellcode injections.
  5. All, I have finally found what seems to be a fix for the conflict between Comodo firewall and the protection of the service in ESET. In Comodo go to HIPS Settings > Detect shellcode injections > Exclusions > and add the ekrn.exe and egui.exe to the exclude list. You should now be able to protect the ESET service and have it come up at startup. BTW I am running ESET Nod32 10.0.390.0 and Comodo Firewall
  6. Marcos, Thanks. That worked. ESET 10 is now starting at Windows startup. This brings up 2 questions: 1) Why is Comodo preventing a protected service from starting and 2) As far as I can tell this is the first ESET version that protects this service (at least there was no option to turn it off in V9). By turning it off what am I loosing?
  7. I know this is an old question but I have the same issue and would like to see if it can be answered. I have tried multiple times to get ESET Antivirus 10 installed and working on my computer (Windows 10 Anniversary addition 64bit) without success. I also have Comodo Firewall 10 (not CIS) installed and Malwarebytes 3.0.6 installed. I have narrowed the problem down to Comodo and ESET. I have the same problem with installing 10 with both Comodo 8 and Comodo 10. ESET 9 works fine with both of them. The problem seems to be with the automatic start of the ESET service (ekrn.exe). If I look at the Windows logs the service times out without starting. I have tried increasing the timeout (I have it currently set to 120000 milliseconds) but it still will not start at Windows startup. I can manually start the process after the computer is up without any problems and the ESET GUI starts as it should. The problem seems to be that Comodo is blocking the ESET service from starting automatically (both Comodo 8 and 10) but does not prevent it from starting manually. This is ONLY with ESET 10 not with ESET 9. Can we have some guidance with what could be blocking the service from starting automatically. I have tried turning off HIPS in Comodo but that does not change the behavior. Even with HIPS in Comodo turned on (safe mode) ESET 9 starts with no problems. If I don't have Comodo installed (either version) ESET 10 works without any problems (even with Malwarebytes installed). So it obviously has something to do with Comodo and the automatic starting of the ESET service in 10.
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