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  1. The HIPS support module 1265 fixed the problem in russian version. On other windows it works. thx!
  2. Hi. As Felix-hk9 use Eset and also I faced with this problem. I used the Russian version of the program's ESS9. Operating system Windows 7 64bit prof. I tried to reinstall (EsetUninstaller of course) ESS and tested different versions: 8x, 9x, and 10. The problem occurs in any version, even in 8x, with the difference that there HIPS interactive window does not appear at all. If you reinstall the ESS using the online installer, the problem arises immediately, but when using offline installer, error does not arises. Exactly to the moment when ESS update signature databases and program modules. After this error occurs again. Problems with the English version also does not arises.
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