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  1. Hi, does anyone experience a detection of SEOSpam.A trojan on certain websites? For example www.mapex.de gets blocked by eset because of a SEOSpam.A trojan. But according to a Virustotal check there is nothing wrong with this website. I can't seem to find out if this is a false positive or a real threat, because there is not much info on this SEOSpam.A trojan. Does anybody have more info? Kind regrads. Jason
  2. Hi All From this morning i'm experiencing a detection of a potential unwanted application. I would like to know if this is a false positive or not? The programm has been installed for a few months and never triggered a detection. I did uninstall the software completely, scanned with EAV 6 and malwarebytes, system is clean. Then i downloaded the logitech options sw again ( latest v from the logitech site, see below link) and before the install finishes, EAV again detects the Win64/WebBar.B in the install. hxxp://support.logitech.com/nl_nl/software/options Software vers
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