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  1. Thanks for the help but i didn't found any setting for android 10 in the link also i have attached the screenshots of all permissions to ESET
  2. Hi i have been using Eset Mobile Security on Infinix Note 7. From start there is a problem which is AntiPhishing permission is getting turned off itself again and again. I have checked all the settings and took out ESET from auto battery optimization and allowed it to run in the background but the problem remains.
  3. Thankyou the article helped me it was a phantom account problem.
  4. on clicking Optimization report im redirected to https://anti-theft.eset.com/ with the same login page.
  5. Hi I am using Eset Internet Security on my windows 10 pc and is logged in with my registered email. I have added my pc to the account and it can be seen okay on eset website but it gives me warning again and again on pc don't know what to do now.
  6. i checked and got the results [19:29:30 PM] ESET Log Collector v3.0.4.2 (08-Jun-17) - 64 bit [19:29:30 PM] Copyright (c) 1992-2017 ESET, spol. s r.o. All rights reserved. [19:29:30 PM] [19:34:52 PM] C:\Users\JAWWAD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\elc3D77.tmp [19:34:52 PM] DONE packing files. [19:34:52 PM] [19:34:52 PM] Archive size: 46.56 kB [19:34:52 PM] [19:34:52 PM] Removing temp files... [19:34:52 PM] [19:34:52 PM] FINISHED [19:34:52 PM] ============================== [19:34:52 PM] All files have been collected and archived.
  7. Hi i am using eset nod32 10 antivirus i frequently keep getting notification of address has been blocked show in screenshot below even if i am not browsing..i understand that something may be a browser is trying to access that website again and again which antivirus blocks but i want to know how do i stop anything which is accessing this infected site how do i get rid of it?
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