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  1. OK, when I called last week, they said I could upgrade it. I decided to go ahead and upgrade it. It asked me for a phone number and transaction ID. But I don't think it worked - the font was white and I just could not read what it said. Besides the IMEI and a couple of other things, resolution is 720X1280. Comodo had something, but I just need something to help me locate my phone - I usually leave it turned off; so if it is not out of power, I am hoping that one of the eSet codes will help. Maybe there is a browser version for me to sign into - instead of relying on someone else's ce
  2. On the Purchase Home Antivirus and Security Software from ESET, it says However, when I called then the day, I thought they said it was supported (and it could just be a mistype). I have a Windows Phone HTC Windows Phone 8X by HTC T-Mobile Carrier US Windows 8® 8.0 OS Version: 8.0.10327.0 Firmware Reversion Number: 3030.0.34101.531 Hardware Software Version: 1.17b.32.19.14_15.62b.32.19 Radio Hardware Version: 3.36.0.D4 Bootloader Version: 0.0.3030.0(173542) CHIP SOC Addess: 8260A I am hoping that is all that is needed (i.e. IMEI, etc) I have a EAV number - it was verified from the
  3. It is a Samsung S4 / Verizon. Samsung has me testing their products. For some reason, I was finally able to uninstall eSet (the one with the horizontal icons) and then do a hard reset. The instructions though might need to be looked at because it told me to update to the newer version - to Mobile Security (the ones with 6 icons) before removing the other one. I thought it was an update but it might not have been. But you have proof that a soft re-set and a hard reset did not work. I could not get it to wipe using my cell number that I had chosen, so I do not know if that is a bug or not.
  4. Well, I guess I take that back, I try to remove it, and then hit the back key but it it still there. Fantastic program I have to admit - you cannot break into it or do a hard re-set.
  5. I get Unable to uninstall: Package is an active device administrator (and I removed that earlier).
  6. OK thanks This time when I hit Uninstall - instead of taking me back to the program it took me to Backup Assistant Plus.
  7. OK, thanks, I did not scan far enough down to see Uninstall. Hopefully that will uinstall the old program ... it went thru and said why, etc. I chose skip. I think it is still locked up some. Once I get this one uninstalled. can I then (hopefully) uninstall the other one. I swear the instructions said to download / install the other one first. Once it went thru its why you want to uninstall and I shose skip, it took me back to that program - the horizontal icons. I used eSet / Nod32 for years, that is why I chose this one. In the Application Manager, I see the ESET Secu
  8. OK, I am now into ESET MOBILE SECURITY - this looks different than the other one - it has about 7 icons - horizontally. Attention Required Antivirus Antispam Anti-Theft Security Audit Update Password Activation Language Help Right now, it is locked up and I am pressing wait to see if it will respond. But this is a different one - I have Mobile Security & Antivirus but the one on the screen is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eset.ems It did unlock and I was able to access that app. I entered the password and then removed the password from "Apply To" The Att
  9. Hm, well when the instructions came upto upgrade on the phone, the first one said go to this link on Google Play to upgrade (which I did). And then it said once upgraded, remove the previous version (which I thought was odd). But the previous version is not listed
  10. I was in the product - where there are like 8 icons. At the lower right, I clicked on the gear icon. And then I enter the password. That was when I received that error message. I was not System Manager - Application. Under Device Administrators, eSet Security and Mobile Security & Antivirus are checked. The instructions were somewhat confusing. It said to install eSet Security and then the second one said to uninstall the previous version. This is what I sort of did. I installed the first one - following the hyperlink, but I do not see the other app that I should uninstal
  11. I need to do a hard re-set on my phone, when I boot it, it does some odd things. Sometimes I get get into the Menu and get to the Reset but it gets stuck on rebooting and I guess it is because I have eSet on there. I tried to uninstall eSet but it says it does not have Administrative rights. I need to uninstall my eSet product from the Samsng S4. I have tried sending a few sms messages with my passcode but that did not work. When I go to the Asterisk to uninstall, I enter the password but it says something about Admin and click on Menu. I am having some issues with the phone and I do
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