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  1. OK - I didn't know there were differences logging in with a security admin account and logging in with the license key. The GUIs look so similar. After logging in with the license key and the according password I was able to delete the computer from the list. Problem solved - thank you very much!
  2. We are using ESET Small Business Security Pack for our company and I have some issues with one of the PCs that has ESET Endpoint Security installed. When I log onto the ESET License Administrator it says that on one PC there are multiple products installed. I had issues with the installation on that machine and had to complete reinstall ESET Endpoint Security on that PC because it just wouldn't update the virus definitions. Since that reinstallation my update issues are gone, but now the machine uses two client licenses. In the License Administrator the old installation is shown as not having connected to ESET servers for ages, the other one is working fine. I would like to delete that old installation in License Administrator, thus freeing up that license again. I can't deactivate that single machine though. Since it is a Small Security Pack I can only deactivate the whole license. What can I do to free up that blocked license from the corrupt installation?
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