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  1. Hi! Uninstall - easier said than done! I can not uninstall ECSP because it is running - dragging it to the trash results in an error message "Cannot remove this item because it is currently open" (or something alike). Thus I was trying to reinstall the ECSP over the running app. As I already said it results in a success, but only until restarting the computer. After that ECSP goes to the limbo again. The only thing that changed in the configuration was the macOS update - I was not installing anything new. Artur
  2. Hi! After updating macOS to 10.12.2 ECSP stopped working. After noticing that I have reinstalled it and it worked, but only till I had to restart the computer. After switching it on again ESET CSP disappeared from the menu and is not starting even if I double click its icon in Apps folder. Artur
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