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  1. I have ran into this problem as well. There is a Norton Uninstall tool you can download and run. Always seems to fix the problem for me.
  2. I enabled it. However I am still running into the same problem. The two computers are on different domains in different locations and I cannot rename either one. I know the problem is still occuring because I will watch the computer in the remote administrator change domain names.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently ran into the problem where we have two computers with Eset installed that have the same name. Only one of them will show up in the remote administrator at any given time. Is there anyway to force both of them to show up in the remote admin? Any help is appreciated!
  4. Awesome! Makes since...Thanks.
  5. Hello all, I have recently been upgrading clients from version 4 to 5 via the remote administrator. I create the update package and it works fine but occasionally I get an error saying "upgrade processing error, error code:(7,-112)" I did some research and couldn't find much about it. Just checking to see if anyone has any ideas. Also, usually if I run the update again it goes fine, so this isn't a huge concern. Thanks!
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