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  1. Hi, I've installed newest Version of ESA. I found a problem regarding opening documents in client applications. Authentication on SharePoint is working good but if I try to open a file from any document library, let's say a word file, MS Word opens and tries to connect to the Server. After that, word opens a document for entering OTP (see attachment) but typing the OTP that is generated by phone app doesn't work... Any ideas?
  2. Hi Vladimir, that would be great. I recently had contact with my region partner and he forwarded my suggestion to somebody at ESET but I didn't get a reply yet. When will the upcoming release be available? regards rudolf
  3. Hi Vladimir yes I am a Reseller/Partner and ESA was definitly working in SharePoint 2013 Foundation Environment in an a early 2.x version. Therefore I was very disappointed about the limitation. Fact is, that many small and medium business customers use Foundation version although it is discontinued in Sp2016. They often use Foundation with SQL Standard so they get around the database size limit as a cost-effective workaround. I also reported the problem that it must be possible to implement something like Whitelists for IP Address range because most of the time, users would access SP from inside the domain and the problem was that if you open a Document on SP you have to authenticate again because a second session is created which is ok for external usage. So, now there is a whitelist option integrated but a huge potential group of customers is locked out. I don't think it's because of technical incompatibility. Thats sad because the ESET solution was one of the best in my opinion. Even the Microsoft solution with Azure MFA is very unhandy to setup. Maybe ESET give it's most important business customer group - small/mid business - a chance to get such a great solution. regards, Rudolf
  4. Hi, I tested ESA with SharePoint 2013 Foundation a few months ago when ESA2 was released. The Installation was possible on SharePoint 2013 Foundation and ist was working as expected. The only thing at this time was, that there was no whitelisting of IP's (needed for internal use). Now whitelisting is possible, but the newest ESA Release can not be installed on Foundation Server. Is there a specific problem regarding the Foundation Version? Is there a Workaround to get it running, because I've always searched for a good solution for my customers but they all have the Foundation version? regards, Rudolf
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