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  1. I've just updated from version 9 to the latest version of ESS (10.0.386.0). The previous issue I had whilst running the firewall in interactive mode no longer happens. I just hope that the issue was a known bug that ESET chose not to publicly acknowledge, but has been addressed by this latest release, otherwise it may re-appear in future releases. @Marcos FYI - although the upgrade was successful, I still needed to manually run "ecmd.exe /registerav" to clear the Windows Defender/Firewall issues.
  2. Thanks for mentioning the new version, SwissJay. As the OP of this thread, I've been waiting for the next release to see if this interactive firewall problem 'magically' goes away. I'll try it out in the next few days (when I've got the time to uninstall, clean-up and re-install version 9 if the problem still persists).
  3. Thanks for checking this out. Just to be clear, the problem arises when choosing the 'Create rule and remember permanently' option. From memory if you select either 'Ask every time' or 'Remember until application quits' it seems ok.
  4. Thanks for the reply, David - sounds like it might be a bug with this initial release. I'll wait for the next version before I try again.
  5. Hi I'm a long time user of Nod32/Smart Security in its various versions for the last 10 years or so. I've had to totally give up on version 10 as it is causing my PC to freeze. Here is the situation. My PC is running Windows 10 x64. I am running Smart Security with the firewall in interactive mode (as I have always done). I initially upgraded to version 10 over the top of version 9 but after encountering the problem, did a clean install but this didn't solve it. The problem When responding the the various firewall prompts during the initial learning stage, some are accepted when
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