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  1. Unfortunately ESET has chosen to split it's business into regions making it very hard for me to buy services via USA or UK. Also I found out ESET Scandinavia is somewhat crippled regarding payment options for it's Business products. They don't offer modern payment options (Paypal, creditcards) in Scandinavia. So I went to a competitor instead and got a cheaper service and was able to pay via Paypal.
  2. Hello, been looking for some time now for a way to buy a 2yr 5user licence for ESET Endpoint Antivirus. I tried using esetscandinavia.com but there is no option there to buy this, the UK and US dont allow me to buy there. Does know where I can buy this (I'm from Iceland)?
  3. I filled out the form on eset.com. I did it again today.
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