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  1. Finally, I have got the command line. The answer is in a post in the forum. Regards Philippe
  2. Thanks a lot You save my day !!!! it should be in the documentation :-) I guess many sysadmin are looking for the info best regards Philippe
  3. Hi Thanks for info to install from share. I have a test and it is working fine, therefore, I am not able to install a core version on normal windows server And what about an offline method which really missing ... but the new console is really cool :-)
  4. Hi folks, I already deploy ESET Agent on all my computers using a in-house tool. Now, I am looking to deploy the Antivirus using one of the following method: from the ERA server / But I need to get the msi from a DFS share and not an HTTP server and the test I have done failed (file://DFSSHARE ...) an offline method like: msiexec.exe /I \\%DFSSHARE\ESET\antivirus.msi /SILENT /HOST_TO_REGISTER="my era server" etc .... Any help would be appreciate Best regard Philippe
  5. Hi folks I am looking desperately the command line to deploy Eset File Security in a core mode on all my server using a in-house déployment tool. Any help would be helpful Regards
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