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  1. I use a Billion 8800NL router and happened to look at Smart Security Home Network Protection to review connected devices. I was taken aback to see that PVR, that I had removed completely was still listed as a connection as well as its successor, each with discrete address. It's annoying, though I guess not critical, but I would like to know, why the old item still shows, and if there's a way to remove it from the list, please.
  2. Thanks all for advice and suggestions. One of the site's apps has been in use for some time with no sign of problems, perhaps luck.
  3. I found this morning a site that ESET deemed suspicious, but was willing to accept the risk of opening it, so clicked the ignore buttom. Yet another blocked message appeared and that was unmovable with the ignore button. My question, therefore, is how to stop ESET's dictating to me, what sites I visit and what files I use once there.
  4. Another query, a little OT, but I didn't think another thread necessary. I thought the suite contained a firewall, which I cannot find. Am I right in my assumption?
  5. Later I collected the log and found that apparently no product type had been found! Therefore I wiped all of the old installation and effected a clean install. So far all seems OK, but here is link to the latest log in case there's anything still not right. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B16WAVYKSZrBRTNJR0J3QlNMeVE Apologies for any nuisance caused.
  6. Foxed, as in win 10 instructions is, "Uninstall the Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter". I am unable to find that. Please advise what to do.
  7. Earlier this month I bought and downloaded ESET Smart Security 9 / 2016 / 9.0. Unfortunately other computer problems caused the program to be uninstalled. Now on attempting to reinstall, I fail, and am asked to do a special scan. That scan finds nothing amiss with several attempts made. Can someone, please, advice me how to get over this problem?
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