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  1. Started here today as well. Have seen it three times this morning. The only recent change of note was applying the last March 2019 Windows Updates a day or two ago. There is something going on - that's for sure. VP
  2. Marcos, I do not think you understand how the real world works. It's not me begging to stay on v8 - it is forces like my corporate IT department that will only allow a specific level of AV to be used with our VPN's etc. If they allowed 9 - I would use 9 but that is not my call to make. Any user of NOD32 is most likely well aware that you guys are pumping out new versions with usual regularity. But the bottom line is - what you think is important may not be important to me. I can read the threads regarding higher memory and CPU usage (among other negatives) with each "new" version you put out. But I am not interested in "new" especially when it involves anything to do with Windows 10 - which I will not using for a long long while (if ever). Finally - I certainly do not need to have you remind me about a new version - even if it's just once a month. I should be allowed to run what I need to run without being hassled by ESET. VP
  3. We currently run NOD32 8.0.319.0 for very specific reasons (my company VPN for example) and have no intention of moving past this version until is makes technical sense to do so - but like Microsoft's completely annoying Windows 10 upgrade notices - I now see that ESET is doing the same with these periodic "Update to new version" dialog boxes that are appearing on all my workstations. How do I shut this off and why does it not have a "do not show this window again" option. I will update to a new version when I am ready to do it - and the more windows I see telling me to do it - the less chance of me ever doing it. Appreciate any tips on how to get rid of this reminder. VP
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